Madison Youth
Basketball Tournament

February 26th - 27th, 2010

Youth Basketball Tournament

Where: Madison High School, Middle School, Elementary School & City Auditorium

Entry Fee: 3- Game guarantee $100 Payable to "Madison Youth Tournament"

  • Champion T-shirts for first place & Team Trophy
  • Eight Team Brackets
  • Concessions will be available
  • Admission will be $5 adults and $3 students - under 6 yrs. old is free
  • Sportsmanship will be expected by all players, coaches and spectators

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Regular South Dakota Basketball rules will be used with the exception of the rules listed below.
  2. Teams should report to their respective courts at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game. Each team must supply their own warm up balls.
  3. Players may only play on one team.
  4. All team members must wear uniform shirts with visible numbers.
  5. All valuables should be collected before each game by a team coach or representative. The Madison Booster Club assumes no responsibility for lost articles.
  6. Three 30 second time outs will be allowed per game.
  7. In case of overtime games, the overtime period will be 2 minutes. Each team will be allowed 1 timeout.
  8. If games are running as scheduled, warm-up time will be limited only by scheduled start time. If games are behind schedule, a 5 minute warm-up time will be used.
  9. The one and one goes into effect on the 7th team foul per half, 2-shots on the 10th team foul.
  10. In the event of a technical foul, 2 points and the ball out of bounds will automatically be awarded.
  11. Two eighteen-minute halves will be played with a running clock. The clock will stop for whistles during the last two minutes of each half. There will be a 5 minute break at the half.
  12. The three point field goal will only be played on marked courts.
  13. Regulation 28.5 basketballs will be used with regulation 10ft goals.
  14. Full court press in the 4th grade divisions will be limited to 2:00 left in the current half. 5th and 6th grade divisions will be allowed to press to a 10 point lead. Zone Defense Discouraged. NO 3rd Grade Press.
  15. Seeding Tiebreaker:
    1. Head-to-Head competition
    2. Points Allowed
    3. Head-to-Head again
    4. Point differential
Tournament Sponsors

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