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You Are Invited!

Mart in the Park is Saturday July 26, 2014 - 9:00am to 3:00pm in the Library Park in Madison, SD.

 Booth:  A 10’x10’ area of the park will be sectioned off for each vender.  Venders may reserve more than oneVendorSetup1 booth space at $40 per space.  NO tables, chairs, or canopies will be provided for venders, so please supply your own.  Electricity is available only upon request.


Set Up:  Saturday morning 6:30am until 9:00am at Library Park, 209 East Center,Madison, SD 57042

 Sales Tax:  All venders must collect and report their own sales tax.  A Special Event Tax Form will be provided.  Tax rate is 7.5% (4% state, 2% city, 1.5% tourism).Family Fun Slide

 Refunds: If a vendor reserves a space but does not show up for the show and fails to call and cancel by July 1, 2014 then no refund will be issued.


Vendor Contact:
(605) 480-2839  ask for Melissa

 Madison Christian School reserves the right to ask vendors to leave the show.

 Entry Qualifications

Entry Qualifications: 

1.     Completed application and waiver form
Check or money order payable to Madison Christian School
Please reserve a spot by July 15, 2014 ($40 per booth space)
Mail to:
     Madison Christian School
     ATTN: Mart in the Park
     45369 234th Street
Madison, SD 57042

Mart in the Park Application

Download Application and waiver