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Madison debut of "Quarter Craze" Quarter Auction & Fundraiser!

VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) building

Come and celebrate spring with us at the Madison debut of "Quarter Craze" Quarter Auction & Fundraiser, scheduled for Thursday, May 12th.This event will be held at the VFW in Madison, with proceeds benefitting Relay For Life.

Doors will open at 5:30pm for previewing of the auction items and shopping at vendor booths. Announcement and Bidding will start at 6:30pm. As part of the Relay for Life fundraiser, refreshments will be available for purchase, so please plan to arrive early to support the cause & socialize with your friends and family.

Don't wait! You save money by pre-registering! Tickets will be $3.00 for those who pre-register using our easy online process. Remaining tickets will be sold for $4.00 at the door on the day of the event.

So, what exactly IS Quarter Craze?

FUN events where you can win fabulous new items from up to 20 companies, have a great time, AND donate to a great cause!

A Quarter Auction is a cross between a raffle and an auction. It's also a mix between a charity fundraiser and a direct sales vendor event. You purchase a ticket which gets you a seat during the event and gets you a numbered bidding paddle. Your paddle will have a corresponding numbered chip that will go into the drawing basket. Home-based business people put up items for "auction." Those items are on display for an hour before the event begins. When the auction starts, the emcee will hold up the item, give a brief description of it, and tell how many quarters it costs to bid. The bids ONLY COST between $0.25-0.75 total for any item!!!! You need to bring a roll or two (or more) of quarters. If you're interested in a chance to win that item, you'll put the required number of quarters in the bowl at your table and hold up your bidding paddle. For example, if an item valued at $15 is offered it would require a .25 bid. If you want it, you toss a quarter into the bowl and raise your paddle. The volunteers from the charity-of-the-month sweep through the crowd to collect the quarters and the emcee then draws numbers to find a winner. If your number is drawn, you win that item for only a quarter! If you didn't bid and your number is called, you call out "no bid!" and numbers continue to be drawn to find a winner. You can also buy a second (or third) paddle and double or triple bid to increase your odds. It sounds potentially complicated if you haven't been to one before but once you're there and see it in action, it makes sense and it's a blast!

The fundraising comes from sales of the tickets and from money raised from one auction item per vendor. The money raised at each event will benefit a local charitable organization or student group.

Fundraising applications are available to any local non-profit organization or student group. Contact Candy Molyneux for more information.

So, grab your friends, start savings your quarters, and make plans to attend the Madison debut of Quarter Craze! (Click the "Register Now!" link below to pre-register)

Register Now!

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