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Quarter Craze (Quater Auction & Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Network)

VFW, 510 S. Washington Ave.

Tickets are $3 at the door if pre-registered or $4 if not pre-registered. Dozens of fabulous new items from nearly 20 different businesses! Proceeds benefit Domestic Violence Network.

What is a Quarter Craze?

A Quarter Craze is a cross between a raffle and an auction. You purchase a ticket and that gets you in the door and gets you a numbered bidding paddle. Your paddle will have a corresponding numbered chip that will go into the drawing basket. When the auction starts, the emcee will hold up the item, give a brief description of it, and tell home many quarters it costs to bid. The bids ONLY COST between $.25-$.75! You need to bring a roll (or more) of quarters. If you're interested in a chance to win that item, you'll put the required number of quarters in the bowl at your table and hold up you bidding paddle. The emcee draws a number to find a winner. For more information, call 605-274-0807.

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