H1N1 Vaccine Clinic

Dakota Prairie Playhouse, 1205 N. Washington Ave.

-H1N1 immunization clinic WILL be held today at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse from 3-7pm, but may close early if not alot of participation. Don't put yourself at risk, you can also make an appointment to get you vaccination with the County Health Nurse at a later date!

All individuals are at risk for contracting the H1N1 virus. With more vaccine available, all individuals will be given the opportunity to receive the vaccine, while supplies last. The Lake County Pandemic Planning Committee will be exercising a mass prophylaxis plan by offering free H1N1 vaccine to all individuals. The community based H1N1 Clinic will be at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse in Madison, on January 7, 2010 from 3-7 PM.

Parents/guardians are to come to the clinic to be with their child when the vaccine is administered. There will be no charge for the vaccine. This exercise will allow our community the opportunity to test/exercise the Madison Area POD Plan. The POD (Points of Dispensing) Plan is a coordinated effort among several agencies and community members to dispense and distribute medication or vaccine to a regional population in an efficient/effective manner. The Vaccine Information Statement and Registration form will be available the day of the clinic for you to read and complete. If you have questions about the vaccine or the scheduled clinic, please contact the South Dakota Department of Health Community Health Services Office in Lake County at 605-256-5309. We hope that you will take an active part in protecting the health of yourself and/or child!

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