You Can Too, Inc.

Want to fire up the troops, improve morale or get your business back on track? Brenda Hanley, founder of You Can Too, Inc. has just what you need. As a speaker, Brenda provides motivation and inspiration by sharing stories that will touch your heart and life lessons that will have you rolling with laughter.
As a trainer, she guides participants through a series of activities and lessons that will stretch their comfort zones, encourage them to think outside the box and expand their vision as to what they believe they can accomplish in life.
As a business networking consultant, Brenda gets to work on one of her passions – saving small businesses. Ever feel like big corporations and internet shopping are taking more and more money out of your community and away from small businesses? There is an answer and You Can Too, Inc. can help. Call for a free consultation.


147 Lake Ridge Drive
Wentworth, SD 57075
(605) 270-1070

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