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Dairy Queen of Madison provides Hot Eats and Cool Treats all year long. The Madison DQ also has a long tradition of serving the Madison Community through sponsoring sports and events at all levels as well as helping out in different local activities.

The original Madison Dairy Queen was built in the mid 1950’s by John and Maude Holly and operated out of a small white shack. In the fall of 1963, DeWayne and Joanne Mork purchased the Dairy Queen of Madison which opened in March of 1964. DeWayne and Joanne built and operated in the current building of DQ in Madison until 1998 when they passed the reigns over to their son, DeLon Mork, who has continued their tradition of community involvement and service.

Dairy Queen employs several high school and college students as well as several employees who have served 30+ years.

Miracle Treat Day

Each Summer, DQ holds their annual Miracle Treat Day which is filled with live music, games and inflatable toys for kids and the community. Proceeds from Blizzard® sales on that day go to the Children’s Miracle Network. For the past four years, Madison’s DQ has outsold every other DQ in the US & Canada on this day. In 2006, Madison sold 3,083 Blizzards®. In 2007, Madison more than doubled their sales and ended with 7,011 Blizzards® on that one day. In 2008, Madison kept up the tradition and sold 12,347 Blizzards® on Miracle Treat Day. In 2009, the Madison Dairy Queen sold 18,017 Blizzards®. 21,405 Blizzards® were sold in 2010. In 2011, the event reached new heights when owner Delon Mork and Madison Police Chief Chuck Pulford jumped out of a plane after exceeding the 2011 goal and selling 25,648 Blizzards®.

The 2014 Miracle Treat Day was held on Thursday, August 14, 2014.

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