East Dakota Transit

Local Transportation Service. The dispatcher hours are Monday-Friday: 7:30 am - 11:30 am. The bus is equipped with wheelchair lifts. Chairs must fit on the lift and have a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Service area: Lake County for medical reasons; Three Mile Radius around Madison city limits.
Rider Policy:
1. Riders should be ready and waiting within a 15 minute "window" before and after their scheduled pick-up time.
2. Payment of the fee or donation is required for each one way ride, unless prior arrangements have been made. Riders must have correct change - drivers do not carry change.
3. Drivers will assist those in need if necessary.
4. No eating, drinking, or smoking on the bus.
5. EDT requests one day's notice for rides.
6. EDT reserves the right to refuse transportation.


PO Box 268
Madison, SD 57042
(605) 256-5810

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