Lake Herman Dreamworks Studio and Gallery

Lake Herman Dreamworks houses the paintings of Cory Allen Heidelberger, local artist, writer, and teacher. Visitors are welcome to call for appointments to view the paintings and studio as well as to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Says Heidelberger of his work:

"What do we live for, if not to create? In creating a picture, a painter at the very least gives the world something new to look at. If a painting can provide even a few moments of diverting pleasure for its viewers (and that includes the painter, standing rather speckled and surprised at his easel as the final brushstrokes dry), then the painting was worth creating. If we are lucky, each new painting will also create new feelings, new thoughts, new conversations, new understandings, and new questions."


1883 Cottonwood Cove Trail
Madison, SD 57042

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