Free Electronic Recycling Drop-Off Event

Madison Recycling Center

This City-Sponsored Event will be held at: Madison Recycling Center 800 SW 7th St., Madison, SD


  • Large electronics devices: desktop and laptop personal computers, monitors, mainframe computers, battery backup uninterruptible power supplies, printers, scanners, copy machines, fax machines, televisions, video cassette recorders, laser disc players, digital video disc players, and stereo receivers.

  • Handheld electronics devices: cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants, handheld video games, calculators, small MP3 players, small compact disc players, small cassette players, small radios, small walkie-talkies, and digital and electronic cameras.

Residential only. No businesses, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, or schools are eligible.

For questions regarding the event, please contact Public Works Department at 256-7515

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